Clerk Karen Yarbrough bridged racial divides in Cook County politics, Treasurer Pappas says

Today, Treasurer Maria Pappas remembered Cook County Clerk Karen Yarbrough as a friend and dedicated public servant who demonstrated that politicians of different races can successfully work together.

“Karen Yarborough and I had a friendship that crossed racial lines. If all blacks and whites got along as well as we did, the city, state, and county would be a better place to live.

We were soul sisters and gossip buddies.

She is irreplaceable in politics because she represented kindness and compassion. She never had two stories.

It's a totally different ball game today.

Karen had an innate, God-given talent of compassion that can't be taught. She was born with a gift of kindness.

I don't know who in the Democratic party is that gifted.

I will miss my locker buddy across the hall.”